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PR Search Engine is a digital press release service that delivers the latest news, events, and happenings from a wide variety of industries, helping businesses and professionals increase their visibility online and reach their target audiences, clients and consumers locally and across the globe.

Why Submit Your Releases to PR Search Engine?

PR Search Engine brings longevity to the world of press releases

Competing press release platforms mass disperse your announcements.  This leads to duplicate content which fails to rank in search engines.  This makes for a ‘flash’ promotion of your release, which burns too hot to hold on in the long term.

Unlike traditional services, PR Search Engine is optimized for todays best SEO practices including individually hosting your submitted release.  This approach allows for consistent promotion of your company, brand and/or event. Long after we publish your announcement, PR Search Engine will continue to direct traffic to your site(s).  This brings more business to you not only for today, but for tomorrow and the years to come as well!


Our writers craft unique copy


The writers at PR Search Engine understand SEO and keyword branding on an expert level.  This allows your submitted release to consistently rank in search engines and directly reach your targeted audience(s).  Our press releases help to solidify your presence through powerful association with keywords relevant to your brand. At PR Search Engine, our writers aim to write content that’s equally engaging as it is clear and concise.


We promote your press release for you

Our approach towards promotion blends together our strengths in unique copy and longevity.  Rather than mass dispersing duplicate content, our dedicated digital marketing team promotes your press release(s) in a sustainable way.  By posting unique content to major sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, PR Search Engine works to rank your content across the board.  That means promotion of your announcement and brand beyond the press release sphere. Our approach ensures that your press release will reach your intended audience and get you found online.

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