Instructor Ravi Chermala Showcases 2024 Yoga Events

Instructor Ravi Chermala Showcases 2024 Yoga Events

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Ravi Chermala

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February 29, 2024 /PRSearchEngine/ — Yoga Instructor and Meditation Guide Ravi Chermala is featuring a showcase of yoga events in 2024 on the official website for his studio, Chermala Yoga.  The showcase is set to include top yoga related events, including conferences, meet-ups, festivals and virtual events hosted all around the world.  Each month, Yogi Chermala will feature a special assortment of yoga and guided meditation events that he believes will help enrich, restore and empower the mind, body and soul in 2024.

Practicing mindfulness, yoga and meditation are core principles of Chermala Yoga, run by Ravi Chermala, Yoga and Meditation Instructor.  As a Yogi and Meditation Guide, Chermala offers a wide range of online classes, including solo and group sessions.  Embracing yoga as a universal practice, Chermala is passionate about encouraging his yoga and meditation instruction students to pursue lessons all around them.  Through his encouraging blog series featuring yoga events in 2024, he hopes to highlight the universal importance and positive impact that these practices can have — all around the world!

About Ravi Chermala


Ravi Chermala is a Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide and dedicated student of practicing mindfulness.  He leads a variety of yoga, meditation and mindfulness online classes via his web-based studio, Chermala Yoga.  In addition to his passion for practicing these uplifting, ancient techniques, Ravi also enjoys studying astrology and creating crystal jewelry.  In the future, he hopes to expand his studio’s offerings to include astrology birth chart readings, crystal healing sessions and tarot card readings.