Ravi Chermala to Highlight 2024 Summer Yoga Trends
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Ravi Chermala to Highlight 2024 Summer Yoga Trends

Ravi Chermala Yoga Trends

Ravi Chermala


July 1, 2024 /PRSearchEngine/ — Ravi Chermala, Yoga Instructor, Amateur Astrologer, Energy Healer and Meditation Guide at Ravi Yoga Studio, is set to highlight 2024 summer yoga trends in a new blog series.  The longtime Yoga Instructor looks forward to introducing readers of his blog to the latest trends in yoga, including powerful poses to try and energetically healing rituals worth intertwining into your own spiritual wellness routine.

Ravi Chermala, the Yoga Instructor and Amateur Astrologer who leads Ravi Yoga Studio, is back with a program custom tailored to match the vibes of the season.  In his all-new blog series, Ravi will be sharing summer yoga trends and poses to try out.  As always, there will be a set of web-based seminars to complement this blog series.  Exclusively available for members of Ravi Yoga Studio, the summer series will feature guided meditation sessions, full yoga routines, energy cleansing and healing sessions and a seasonal astrology reading.  Chermala is eager to enter into the new season with positivity, productivity and peace.  He believes that his new blog series will assist in making that transition truly transcendent for his clients and readers.


About Ravi Chermala

Ravi Chermala leads Ravi Yoga Studio, an online studio where mindfulness, meditation and yoga are practiced in virtual group sessions.  Ravi Chermala is passionate about bringing people together in harmony and healing.  Chermala utilizes astrology, meditation and yoga as tools for embracing mindfulness in everyday life.  Following the chaos of COVID-19, embracing a sense of togetherness has never been more important for the collective.  At Ravi Yoga, Chermala strives to bring people from all walks of life together for healing and mindfulness.