Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines-

PR Search Engine is a press release platform that prides itself on distributing accurate, newsworthy press releases that effectively rank in search results.  All submissions are evaluated and verified by the PR Search Engine Editorial Staff prior to publication.

At PR Search Engine, our team of experienced writers craft unique copy for each press release.  This individually tailored approach ensures that your press release will reach your target audience for the long term. To maintain the integrity of PR Search Engine, all press release submissions must include unique copy that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. Our Editorial Staff will analyze each submission in accordance with SEO best practices.  This analysis includes verification that submissions are free of duplicate content. If a submission is to determined as containing duplicate content, the press release will not be published on PR Search Engine.

In order to ensure the integrity of PR Search Engine, all submissions must comply with the editorial guidelines that are listed below: 

Length of Article

Press release submissions should maintain a word count between 300 and 800 words.  Press releases that do not meet the word count limit will be subject to rejection. Submission headlines must include the name of the business or individual associated with the submitted press release. 

Additionally, each submission must be accompanied by a brief 2-3 sentence summary outlining the intent of the press release.  Submission summaries must include an email, phone number or other contact information of the individual or business submitting for publication on PR Search Engine. 

Grammar and Spelling

All submissions must not contain any spelling or grammatical errors. If a submitted press release contains any acronyms or industry-specific jargon, definitions must be provided within the content. Submissions should be written in terms that are easily understood by readers of all ability levels.

Links and Attachment File Types

Submissions containing external links and/or attachment files should adhere to the following extension types:  .jpeg, .png, .gif, .mpeg, .mov, .pdf or .tiff

Consent and Authorization

Any press release submission listing information pertaining to a company’s internal operations must be accompanied by written consent from the company’s owner and/or executive leader.  Submissions that fail to produce said written authorization will not be published on PR Search Engine.