Scott Smith Saratoga Springs to Release Series on Firework Safety and Firework Technology
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Scott Smith Saratoga Springs to Release Series on Firework Safety and Firework Technology

Scott Smith Saratoga Springs Fireworks Technology

Scott Smith Saratoga Springs

ITHACA, NY, JULY 2, 2024 /PRSEARCHENGINE/ — Scott Smith, Saratoga Springs Entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of COBRA Firing Systems, announces the release of a new blog series.  Presented in the format of a Public Service Announcement (PSA), Scott Smith will share critical information on Fireworks Safety.  An industry leader in fireworks technology, Smith will also showcase the latest devices and developments in the engineering of fireworks.

Just in time for the Summer 2024 fireworks season, CEO & Founder of COBRA Firing Systems and pyrotechnics extraordinaire, Scott Smith of Saratoga Springs is slated to share a blog series on Firework Safety and Fireworks Technology.  An industry leader who stands at the forefront of professional wireless fireworks firing system COBRA, Scott Smith is a true innovator in the space.  In his new series, the COBRA Founder & CEO hopes to help amateur and professional pyrotechnicians safely prepare for the summer holiday season.  Smith also looks forward to shining the spotlight on the latest advancements in fireworks technology.  COBRA Firing Systems already stands as a leader in the arena of fireworks engineering advancements, with their annual COBRA-CON event. 

About Scott Smith

Scott Smith Saratoga Springs Founder & CEO

Scott Smith is the Founder & CEO of COBRA Firing Systems.  Scott Smith is the innovator and fireworks visionary behind the magic of COBRA-CON: an annual event in the world of pyrotechnics.  The premier trade show for fireworks technology, COBRA-CON hosts a variety of engaging events, including firework sessions, pyromusicals, light shows, DMX integration showcases, SPFX shows and so much more!  Scott Smith is a Board Member of the National Fireworks Association (NFA) and an industry leader whose innovative ideas, concepts and entrepreneurship have helped pave the way for other visionaries in the pyrotechnics industry.