Nikki Brar to Cover Fashion Week 2022

Nikki Brar to Cover Fashion Week 2022

Nikki Brar

February 25, 2022 /PRSearchEngine/ — Art and lifestyle blogger, Nikki Brar is set to provide coverage of all Fashion Week events.  From Paris and New York to London and Milan, Nikki’s coverage of the events will be all-inclusive!  The fashion blogger is even set to discuss the who’s who of FW, beyond the designs and designers; including notable attendees and the unique looks displayed in the audience.

This year’s Fashion Week events are expected to bring something completely fresh and new to the world of fashion.  With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency and NFTs, 2022 is set to host a Metaverse Fashion Week.  The first of its kind, the First Metaverse Fashion Week will offer pieces that will appeal to both fashion enthusiasts and NFT collectors alike.  Nikki Brar looks forward to covering this new and exciting digital display of high-end fashion and art in her new FW22 series.  In the summer, July 14-21, 2022, Nikki will also cover the long-awaited Miami Swim Week, including its industry, open-to-the-public and digital counterparts.  It’s sure to be a splash of freshness and Nikki will be right there to share the excitement with her readers!

About Nikki BrarNikki Brar

Nikki Brar is a freelance fashion blogger and aspiring designer.  An avid world traveler, she has attended the biggest FW events in the world for years.  But it wasn’t until recently that she decided to launch her own blog covering these thrilling events.  A big fan of upcycling, Nikki enjoys creating something new and fresh out of already existing pieces.  She hopes to share some of these designs with her followers and the readers of her blog very soon!  On a freelance basis, Nikki is available to create designs for clients, regardless of their location.  To inquire about a dress, shirt or accessory design, be sure to reach out to her directly on her official site.