2022 Allen Chi Gaming Scholarship Enters Second Round
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2022 Allen Chi Gaming Scholarship Enters Second Round

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LAS VEGAS, NV, May 25, 2022 /PRSearchEngine/ — The Allen Chi Gaming Scholarship (ACGS) has entered Round #2!  Student gamers who are interested in pursuing a career in the gaming industry are encouraged to apply by submitting a 750 word essay on Allen Chi’s official website.

Gaming Philanthropist Allen Chi and his team are thrilled to announce that the Second Round of the 2022 Allen Chi Gaming Scholarship has officially opened!  At this stage in the scholarship competition, applicants must submit a short essay with a 750 word limit.  There is no official essay prompt, which opens the playing field for gamers to do what they do best: get creative to secure the prize!  Applicants are encouraged to submit an essay that explains what gaming means to them and why they wish to pursue a career in the gaming industry.  As a Gaming Consultant, Allen Chi knows all too well that there are a diverse range of career opportunities and paths to follow, from game development to live-streaming and MLG competitions.  Essays should tell the team where you fit into this framework and how the scholarship can help you get there!

About Allen Chi

Allen Chi is a Gaming Consultant who knows what it takes to be a gamer on a professional level.  He has worked with many clients over the years in the industry, many of which are successful Twitch live streamers today!  The Consultant decided to establish this unique educational program in order to respond to an unmet need in academic spaces: the encouragement of gaming as a viable career path.  He looks forward to reading the essay applications submitted for Round 2 and wishes all applicants good luck in their endeavors.