Art of Living Foundation announce upcoming events in 2021

Art of Living Foundation announce upcoming events in 2021

Art of Living Beyond Breath

Art of Living Foundation

May 7, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Global wellness and meditation foundation, Art of Living is currently hosting all of their programs online. Offering participants the opportunity to learn new stress relieving techniques, Art of Living fulfills a global need for a wellness routine that embraces Happiness.  Art of Living’s next event will be held virtually on May 15, 2021.

Aiming to reach an international audience, Art of Living Foundation’s many programs are available virtually online.  This allows a valuable opportunity to connect with the world positively and productively, on a global scale.  On their EventBrite profile, as well as their official website, Art of Living announces upcoming events.  The next event, Beyond Breath: An Introduction to SKY Breath Meditation, will be available for online participation.  During the program, a guide will instruct participants on the basics of SKY Breath Meditation, a technique developed by Art of Living’s meditation experts.

About Art of Living Foundation

Art of Living is a Foundation that provides educational and self-development programs.  Teaching techniques that you can effortlessly and effectively incorporate into your daily life, Art of Living’s programs are focused on increasing self-awareness and achieving inner peace.  Currently virtual due to the pandemic, all programs are available online from anywhere in the world!  Read real reviews and testimonials to learn more about the enriching activities and fellowship opportunities offered by Art of Living.