Andrew Haag to Showcase Art Shows in CA

Andrew Haag to Showcase Art Shows in CA

Andrew Haag art show

Andrew Haag

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 13, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — In September 2021, Andrew Haag is set to host a showcase featuring upcoming art shows in California.  Aiming to shine a spotlight on smaller artists, Hagg’s series will offer a sneak peek into the local art world from an amateur perspective.  Submissions are welcome!

Whether you’re looking to make your break into the California art scene — or just want something to do with your friends and family — Andrew Haag’s upcoming Art Show Showcase is for you!  The blog series, which will be hosted directly on Haag’s official website, will feature art exhibits, photography galleries, design shows, art lessons and other events set in CA.  An amateur artist himself, the photographer and multimedia artist hopes that his features will welcome new creatives into the California small art community.

About Andrew Haag

Andrew Haag is a multimedia artist based in the California area.  He currently hosts a variety of entry level art instruction courses via his Photography & Design freelance project.  Largely self-taught, Haag is passionate about learning through the process of creation.  He brings this perspective to his art lessons, which he believes are just as important to his learning process as that of his students!  The photographer and graphic designer looks forward to connecting and collaborating with fellow artists in the California art community.