Spencer Schneider Training Announces New Fitness Programs for Athletes
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Spencer Schneider Training Announces New Fitness Programs for Athletes


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Spencer Schneider Training Announces New Fitness Programs for Athletes

Helping athletes achieve higher goals in their individual sports

NEW BEDFORD, MA, July 2018 – Spencer Schneider, Founder and Owner of Spencer Schneider Training, has developed a series of new specialized training programs designed specifically for athletes looking to take their game and skills to the next level. These programs will feature unique exercise and diet regimens dependent upon the athletes specific needs and skill levels.

Collaborating with a team of athletes, athletic trainers, and other professionals, Spencer Schneider has compiled extensive research in order to optimize each program in its particular focus area. In the first phase, there will be five different programs available focusing on skills ranging from linear and lateral movements, speed, agility, endurance, explosive strength, reactive strength, power, injury prevention, and beyond.

Classes and programs will begin August 1st at the Spencer Schneider Training center and will run for periods of three to six months. Limited resources will also be available online including exercise guidelines and weekly training schedules.

As an active athlete and sports enthusiast, Spencer Schneider is eager to make a positive impact and ensure top quality results for athletes in a wide range of athletic and sporting events. When discussing his training center and new fitness programs, Schneider stated, “It is so important for athletes to have access to resources and knowledge that allow them to train effectively without causing stress, injury, or over exertion. Our new athletic training programs analyze the needs and skill levels of each athlete to place them in programs that will challenge them and allow them to grow, but will not wear them out from overtraining and exhaustion”.

For more information about these new programs, contact Spencer Schneider today and stay tuned for future updates across his blogs and social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

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