Jack Davis Miami Travel Guide Writer Shares Things to Do in Miami
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Jack Davis Miami Travel Guide Writer Shares Things to Do in Miami

Jack Davis Miami

Jack Davis


MIAMI, FL, MAY 30, 2024 /PRSEARCHENGINE/ — Jack Davis Miami Sports Writer and Travel Guide Blogger is set to launch an all-new blog series!  In the veteran travel guide writer’s return to blogging, Davis will share unique things to do in Miami, FL.  This blog series will be a must-read for tourists visiting the Magic City to enjoy art and cuisine and Miami Dolphins Fans looking for city happenings every week.

In an all-new blog series, Travel Guide Writer and Sports Blogger Jack Davis Miami returns after a brief hiatus.  Hoping to make quite the splash on the tourism scene, Davis plans to share truly unique recommendations and insights in his travel guides.  The Writer & Blogger is best known for his coverage of the Miami Dolphins and Florida college football teams.  But in this new debut, Davis hopes to expand his palate for his blog readers.  The Miami Dolphins fan will still stay true to featuring insights and analytics on the latest NFL football and college games.  But this time around, Davis plans to craft tourism and travel guide content for all people visiting Miami and looking for things to do in the Magic City — from football games to art museums and events in the local coffee scene!

About Jack Davis Miami

Jack Davis Miami Writer & Blogger is a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan.  Through the years, the Writer & Blogger has featured things to do in Miami for locals and tourists visiting Miami alike.  He is an avid cyclist and enjoys sharing scenic bike paths and routes for fellow cycling enthusiasts in Florida.  Sharing a local’s perspective, his coverage of Magic City cuisine extends to the coffee scene and the best small bakeries for a slice of key lime pie.