Sean O’Grady, MD to Host Blog Series on Nutrition Nonprofits
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Sean O’Grady, MD to Host Blog Series on Nutrition Nonprofits

Sean O'Grady, MD Nutrition

Sean O’Grady, MD

June 24, 2021 — Sean O’Grady, MD is excited to announce an upcoming blog series on his official health and fitness focused website. The all-new blog series will highlight events and news regarding nonprofits that advocate for nutrition.

Sean O’Grady, MD hopes to educate the public on nutrition by shining a spotlight on rising nutrition nonprofits.  Known for supporting health and fitness charities like Alliance for Smiles and The Fresh Air Fund, O’Grady is no stranger to the nonprofit sector.  Through collaboration with charities and nonprofits, and his career as a Family Medicine Specialist, O’Grady works diligently to educate the public about health and fitness.  Now, with his blog series, he hopes to motivate his readers to take charge of their health by focusing on nutrition.

This upcoming blog series will cover new and rising nutrition nonprofits.  Sean O’Grady, MD will also utilize the series to showcase the incredible efforts of these nonprofit organizations, including upcoming events, programs and praise-worthy accomplishments.

For decades, Sean O’Grady, MD has focused his career on Family Medicine. Education on health, fitness and nutrition has been a driving force in his career. A passion both professional and personal, O’Grady believes it is his responsibility to highlight the importance of nutrition.  He is a firm believer that a focus on nutrition can build the framework for leading a healthier lifestyle.