Dennis Stolpner to Highlight Red Cross News
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Dennis Stolpner to Highlight Red Cross News

Dennis Stolpner American Red Cross

Dennis Stolpner

August 24, 2020 — In a new blog series, Dennis Stolpner is highlighting events and initiatives that are currently being launched by the American Red Cross across the country.  A dedicated Red Cross Volunteer, Stolpner is actively involved with the organization. In his blog series, which is currently on-going, the dedicated volunteer hopes to inspire his readers to assist efforts hosted by the American Red Cross — regardless of where they may be located!

Every week, Dennis Stolpner will zoom in on an event or initiative hosted by the American Red Cross.  In an effort to keep everyone in the loop, Stolpner will not focus on any specific area.  Instead, his blog series will cover news and updates as relevant to communities across the entire country.  The dedicated Red Cross Volunteer will also use his platform to shine a spotlight on the incredible accomplishments of individual volunteers and regional branches of the American Red Cross organization.

When Hurricane Harvey struck, communities throughout Houston, Texas felt beyond repair.  The American Red Cross immediately jumped into the frontlines.  The organization established various response teams in the wake of the disaster, including a Health Services unit.  At this time, Dennis Stolpner joined forces with the American Red Cross as a Health Services Volunteer;  his experience is documented in his article “Understanding What it Means to Care, My Journey as a Red Cross Volunteer,” which was published in Red Cross LA Talks.