Andrew Haag to Showcase Top Artists and Exhibits 2022

Andrew Haag to Showcase Top Artists and Exhibits 2022

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LOS ANGELES, CA, December 13, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — In 2022, Andrew Haag Photography & Design is set to host a showcase blog series featuring the top artists and art exhibits in the world.  Featuring a unique array of styles, genres and mediums, Andrew Haag’s series will have something for every art collector and design enthusiast to enjoy!

Kicking off 2022 right, Andrew Haag Photography & Design will be sharing his artist and exhibit picks.  Offering an artist’s perspective, Haag will zoom in for a closeup on the details, without giving too much away.  Keeping his readers in-the-know on what’s what in the global art world, the photographer and mixed media designer will feature the rising artists who are breaking into the industry and coming into their own styles — wherever, whenever, all 2022!  Showcasing a generous blend of independent, rising stars and established trailblazers, Haag’s series is setting out to shine the spotlight on art history in the making.

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Andrew Haag Photography & Design is a mixed media art studio based in California.  Led by its namesake Andrew Haag, the art outfit creates a diverse range of graphic design, visual design and photography focused projects.  All artworks created by Andrew Haag Photography & Design are unique, 1 of 1 commissioned pieces — meaning you’ll never see the same piece twice, no matter how many of his exhibits you attend!  Focused on keeping this fresh, fun and forward, Haag speaks to the world with his works.  See his story by taking a look at his works…