Steven Santarpia Consulting to discuss digital marketing trends

Steven Santarpia Consulting

June 22, 2021 — In a new blog series, the Steven Santarpia Consulting outfit will highlight the latest trends in digital marketing.  A must-read resource for content creators, entrepreneurs and brands, Santarpia’s series will offer valuable insights that can help take your venture to the next level.  (By that, the digital marketing maverick means taking your idea and putting it into action — and right in front of your target audience!)

Diving deep into the latest trends and techniques, Steven Santarpia hopes that the new blog series will act as a working guide for marketers of all experience levels.  Centering around what’s hot and upcoming, Santarpia will shine a light on the techniques that are showing promise.  The blog series will also launch experimental campaigns putting the digital marketing trends of 2021 to the ultimate test — in real time!

Offering up expert-guided analysis, the Steven Santarpia Consulting crew will cover a new trend report in each blog post of the series.  So far, the series has already ushered in some exciting discourse surrounding discoveries in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the digital marketing industry and even offered up Santarpia’s own projected forecast for digital marketing in 2021.