Edan Gelt to Highlight 2020 Social Media Trends in New Blog Series
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Edan Gelt to Highlight 2020 Social Media Trends in New Blog Series

Edan Gelt to Highlight 2020 Social Media Trends

Edan Gelt
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February 13, 2020 – Edan Gelt, driven communications leader, fitness fanatic and superhero mother of 2, announces blog series highlighting social media trends for 2020 and how they can help define and increase the awareness of your own personal brand.

Highly creative and gifted in leadership, she utilizes her knowledge and experience in professional communications consulting to offer readers proven tactics and practices to help build a personal brand with the use of social media and content sharing. 

Within the series, she highlights several different uses and degrees to which social media can be useful to grow brand awareness, engage an audience, and network more efficiently and effectively. 

Her energy and innovation come across within the series. Edan Gelt devotes passion and persistence to her practice in finding effective communication and marketing practices that can be used to evolve a sustainable plan for professional growth. 

Edan Gelt stands as a Communication Consultant and Strategist in Sponsorship and Advertising initiatives. She hopes to utilize her skillset to educate the general public and inspire professionals to take charge of their online presence and have the confidence to create a strong foundation when communicating their own personal brand.