Scot Rourke to Shine Spotlight on Leadership Development Programs
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Scot Rourke to Shine Spotlight on Leadership Development Programs

Scot Rourke Leadership Development

Scot Rourke

September 29, 2020 All throughout the business world, Leadership Development programs are gaining momentum. A longtime supporter of the process and approach, Scot Rourke will highlight upcoming and ongoing Leadership Development programs and events in an all-new blog series on his site.

In an effort to shine a spotlight on the value of Leadership Development programs, Scot Rourke is set to host a blog series that will provide his readers with the full scoop on events in their area.  The Entrepreneur and Business Coach hopes that in doing so, he’ll be able to encourage his audience to take back in these professionally enriching opportunities.  Each week, Rourke will shed light on a unique leadership development program in a different region of the country.  

Completely unbiased, Scot Rourke’s blog posts will not focus on any specific breed of program.  The Business Coach’s series will feature everything from complementary virtual events to exclusive application-only initiatives.  Aiming to inspire his readers to take part in the events, Rourke will provide all the details, including anticipated take-aways, demographic focuses of the program and so much more.

So far, Scot Rourke has already highlighted a Leadership Development program in the City of South Fulton that is geared towards Women of Color.  As his blog series officially kicks off, Rourke looks forward to introducing his readers to a unique array of Leadership Development programs across the country — and potentially around the world!  Be sure to keep up with Scot Rourke by visiting his official website and don’t forget to follow him on social media so you won’t miss his next insightful blog post!