Evan Rutchik & RIII Ventures announce recent acquisitions and startup launches

Evan Rutchik


NEW YORK, NY — June 15, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — On his official website, Evan Rutchik, Managing Partner, will share updates on RIII Ventures’ recent acquisitions.  Rutchik will also discuss upcoming startup launches managed and maintained by the RIII Ventures angel fund.  The updates will be detailed in the form of a blog series.

In the first installment of the RIII Ventures spotlight series, Evan Rutchik discusses the recent launch of Local Factor Group.  The startup is committed to offer custom-built, data-fueled and creative advertising campaigns, strengthened by cutting edge technology. Rutchik looks forward to infusing his marketing expertise into this project, as it journeys from startup to established venture.

About Evan Rutchik & RIII Ventures

Evan Rutchik is the Managing Partner of RIII Ventures, a family-founded angel fund focused on investing in tech startups.  The outfit is also interested in acquiring early-stage businesses driven by innovative blueprints.  The role of Managing Partner is one that comes naturally to Rutchik, who has built a career at the helm of numerous startups and established ventures.