John Seckel’s Exclusive Marketing Agency is Revolutionizing the Industry

John Seckel’s Exclusive Marketing Agency is Revolutionizing the Industry

John Seckel Exclusive Marketing Agency

John Seckel

SAN DIEGO, CA, December 10, 2020 — Serial entrepreneur and marketing maverick, John Seckel, is gaining traction in the marketing industry.  His digital marketing outfit, Exclusive Marketing Agency, is shaking up the field by revolutionizing how ventures approach 

Exclusive Marketing Agency has long favored tactics that differ from the norm.  Founded out of an unmet need, John Seckel’s EMA was established to directly strengthen small and medium size businesses.  The serial entrepreneur has explained that by taking on marketing and communications efforts on behalf of said ventures, Seckel is able to offer business owners an improved work/life balance.  This is achieved thanks to EMA’s successful digital marketing strategies, which combine current key strategies, industry best practices and the talents of Seckel’s team of experts.

Exclusive Marketing Agency works as an effective alternative to forming internal marketing teams or hiring high-priced marketing agencies.  John Seckel explains that Exclusive Marketing Agency gets straight to work by setting out to make an immediate impact within 48 hours of partnering with small or medium businesses.  Often working in tandem with their clients’ own marketing department, EMA operates as a partnership.  This connection works in the benefit of the Agency’s clients, as it allows small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to bring their marketing ideas to life.  EMA is the first marketing agency to offer an all in one, plug and play marketing department that operates in this hands-on manner.  Seckel believes that this makes the Agency’s approaches and campaigns more successful, as they are guaranteed to accurately reflect and represent EMA’s clients.