John Seckel Announces Blog Series on Marketing Trends for Nonprofits

John Seckel Announces Blog Series on Marketing Trends for Nonprofits

John Seckel Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

April 28, 2020 – Philanthropist and digital marketing expert, John Seckel will host a blog series on his all-new website featuring marketing trends and tips for nonprofits and charities.  The series will mark the first installment of Seckel’s marketing-focused blog.

In his all-new blog series, John Seckel will discuss how nonprofits can benefit from developing a new and improved digital marketing strategy.  Highlights will include:  connecting with a target audience, crowdfunding, leveraging influencer marketing, seeking volunteers, how to effectively promote upcoming events in an exciting and engaging way — and much more!

A dynamic entrepreneur, John Seckel is well-versed in all things digital marketing, social media and philanthropy.  His startup, Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC, specializes in launching digital marketing campaigns tailored to meet the needs of small businesses.  Seckel and his team effectively combine strategy, design, execution and data driven ROI to deliver results for their clients.  He is also the founder of his own nonprofit organization, The Seckel Foundation.  An advocate for giving back to his employees, The Seckel Foundation is his way of saying “thank you” for the hard work and dedication of his talented team members!

Throughout his career, John Seckel has supported numerous charitable organizations in the way of marketing and social media.  With the launch of his new blog series, Seckel hopes to help nonprofits tap into the positive potential of digital marketing in 2020.