Jenny Brown Woodstock Announces Top Tips for Going Vegan in 2022

Jenny Brown Woodstock Announces Top Tips for Going Vegan in 2022

Jenny Brown Woodstock Vegan

Jenny Brown Woodstock

December 15, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Jenny Brown, Woodstock founder and acclaimed expert on plant-based living is set to share her top tips for new vegans in an all-new blog series!  Sharing tips, tricks and reflective testimonies, Jenny will offer her readers a step-by-step guide on how they can embrace the vegan diet and lifestyle in 2022.

The New Year is no stranger to the process of setting goals.  For many, that 2022 New Year’s Resolution will be diet-related.  Whether that means tackling a weight loss challenge or simply making a health-conscious decision to change what you eat, Jenny Brown believes that going vegan can fit into your process!  If you’ve been thinking about giving veganism or vegetarianism a try, this can’t-miss instructional blog series will be the perfect resource for finding your way.

In her Top Tips for Going Vegan in 2022 blog series, Jenny Brown will share everything from her thoughts on current trends to delicious plant-based recipes and meal plans.

About Jenny Brown Woodstock Jenny Brown Woodstock

Jenny Brown is a vegan educator, author and advocate for plant-based living.  Inspired by her quest to act as a voice for the voiceless, Jenny has challenged the food production industry for decades.  Today, she works tirelessly to introduce others to the life-changing and life-saving potential of the conscious decision to become a vegetarian or vegan in the modern world.  Jenny is available free-of-charge for speaking engagements regarding veganism, plant-based living and environmentalism.  Visit her official website to learn more about how you can book a talk with Jenny Brown Woodstock in 2022!