Hariah Hutkowski Introduces Blog Series on Home Inspections

Hariah Hutkowski Introduces Blog Series on Home Inspections

Hariah Hutkowski Home Inspections

Hariah Hutkowski
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SUN PRAIRIE, July 3, 2019 – Hariah Hutkowski is proud to announce that he will be publishing a series of blog posts regarding important aspects of home inspections. Hutkowski is the founder of HHH Logistics, LLC, a home improvement and repair services company serving the Sun Prairie area.

In his blog series, Hariah Hutkowski will offer up his own tips, tricks and techniques on the home inspection process.  The series will cover everything from dos and don’ts to pros and cons. Performing a home inspection on your own property can be difficult if you’ve never run through the process before. Hutkowski’s articles will help you to learn the ropes by walking you through the trickiest turns of the home inspection procedure. He will discuss, at length, key areas to inspect, including major issues that you should be on the look-out for within your home.

Hutkowski is a resident of the Sun Prairie area and previously represented the city as an Alderman for ten years.  Now, he completes a variety of home improvement projects via his start-up, HHH Logistics, LLC. The company primarily specializes in services the likes of demolition and siding.  However, Hutkowski himself is a handyman well-versed in Do-It-Yourself home improvement and repair projects. He hopes that the publication of his home inspection advice blog series will help other homeowners to learn more about their properties.

For more information about HHH Logistics, LLC, contact Hariah Hutkowski on his official website.  Keep updated with Hutkowski by following him on his social media profiles so that you won’t miss a post in his upcoming blog series!

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