Dr. Eli J. Hurowitz Talks Occupational Medicine & Workplace Wellness
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Dr. Eli J. Hurowitz Talks Occupational Medicine & Workplace Wellness

Dr. Eli J. Hurowitz occupational medicine series

Dr. Eli J. Hurowitz


CALIFORNIA, February 7, 2022 /PRSearchEngine/ — Occupational Medicine Physician, Dr. Eli J. Hurowitz is set to discuss occupational medicine and workplace wellness in a new blog series hosted on his official website.  Each week, the Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) expert will talk about everything from wellness trends to industry-rattling incidents with realtime coverage.  Drawing on his solidly established expertise, the specialist will offer a physician’s perspective with honesty, transparency and professionalism.

In the new series, which is slated to begin this week, Dr. Eli J. Hurowitz will highlight all that is new and exciting in the world of OEM.  He will also zero in on the currently most talked about scenarios that may be reshaping approaches to treatment in his field of specialization.  Dr. Hurowitz is particularly looking forward to the opportunity to provide his readers with sound advice, including tips on how to accelerate the recovery period following a workplace related injury.  Question & Answer (Q&A’s) style features will also be a part of this series in the future.  He encourages his readers to submit their own questions, comments and concerns for consideration.  Readers just might end up reading answers to their own questions in his next weekly blog post!

Dr. Eli J. HurowitzAbout Dr. Eli J. Hurowitz

Dr. Eli J. Hurowitz is an Occupational Medicine Physician who specializes in Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM).  Over the years, he has developed both a professional and personal interest in wellness practices, trends and concepts.  As his professional interest in workplace wellness, specifically, continues to grow, Dr. Hurowitz looks forward to opportunities that will allow him to share his expert-backed knowledge with workers and employers alike.  His upcoming blog series will be the first mode for this goal, but certainly not the last!  Dr. Hurowitz looks forward to embarking on future talks, participating in relevant conferences and much more.