Daniel McKelvey to Host Blog Series on College Admissions and Ed Tech
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Daniel McKelvey to Host Blog Series on College Admissions and Ed Tech

Daniel McKelvey

Daniel McKelvey

DURHAM, NH, June 6, 2019 – College admissions expert, Daniel McKelvey is set to publish a blog series full of tips, tricks and techniques to help prospective students through the application process. McKelvey currently stands as the Vice President of Business Development & Partnerships at University Consultants of America, Inc. Through this role, he provides prospective students and their families with a variety of consulting services that help to offer clarity in the college application and admissions processes. Previously, McKelvey worked with EdCast as the VP of Sales and Business Development where he gained extensive knowledge in the fields of educational technology and personalized learning to provide more learning opportunities for all individuals.

Daniel McKelvey’s blog series will consist of three parts discussing such subjects as resume and college essay writing, as well as how to prepare for interviews.

1.   How to Build a College Resume

The college admissions process today is more competitive than ever.  Students are continually looking for ways to differentiate themselves to create an edge to get in.  What are the best ways to develop your college resume? What are the strategies and techniques to build the key ingredients that colleges are looking for?

Constructing a solid resume can make a major difference in your application process.  In his blog series, McKelvey will discuss techniques to implement in your resume writing process.

2.  How to Write a College Essay

For many students, the concept of the college essay is a dreaded component of the application.  In his blog series, Daniel McKelvey will discuss drafting ideas that will help to make the college essay writing process that much easier!

It’s no surprise that a powerful and gripping essay can make the difference between acceptance and rejection.  What are the most important elements of the personal essay? What are the strategies, do’s and don’ts with college essays?  In his series, McKelvey will help provide answers to these common questions regarding the college essay writing process. He will also discuss supplemental essays, which are often more important than the “main” application essay.

3. Interview Preparation:  Tips and Tricks from an Expert

Most private collegiate institutions interview students as part of the admissions process.  In his blog series, Daniel McKelvey will help to alleviate the stress associated with interview prep.  

What is the purpose of the interview?  What is the interviewing looking for? How do you manage a successful interview? McKelvey will provide clarity with his answers to these questions.

He explains that implementing strategies and preparation techniques can help students to reduce stress and improve the outcome of their interviews.  In this blog post, McKelvey will go over the do’s and don’ts, which may make all the difference in your application process!

For more college admissions advice, be sure to check out Daniel McKelvey’s official blog.

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