Bryan da Frota Announces Blog Series on Startups & Entrepreneurship

Bryan da Frota Announces Blog Series on Startups & Entrepreneurship

Bryan da Frota Entrepreneurship

Bryan da Frota
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BOSTON, MA, May 24, 2019 – Innovator and Entrepreneur in the unmanned aerial systems sphere, Bryan da Frota is set to release a series of blog posts on his website,  The subject of the series will dive into the methods he has developed over the years in his career. Da Frota will draw on his own experiences in transforming startups into thriving operations.  At length, the blog posts will talk about what he as an entrepreneur has learned post startup and even tap into current trends in business. The series aims to benefit professionals embarking on a path similar to that of the UAS pioneer.

Topics slated for discussion in the multipart publication include:

  • How to Recover After Your Start Up
  • The World of Entrepreneurship:  I didn’t know what was out there
  • The Opportunity Created by Generational Change
  • The Search Fund and Its Evolution

Diversely experienced, Bryan da Frota is a serial entrepreneur with a manifold portfolio.  He currently stands as Managing Director at AeroInformal, Chief Operating Officer at ListEngage and Principal & Operating Partner at Broadtree Partners.

Bryan da Frota is regarded as a pioneer in the unmanned aerial systems industry.  His start up turned venture capital backed company was one of the first to receive a Section 333 Exemption.  Over fifteen years later, da Frota and his team of unmanned aerial vehicle experts provide businesses in the field with quality consulting.  The firm, known as AeroInformal, advises companies through the integration of unmanned systems. Veterans in a field most still consider to be in its infancy, the UAV experts of AeroInformal understand the ins and outs of unmanned aviation’s most complex corners.
In his blog series, da Frota will speak at length about his flight from pioneer with an idea to specialist in the sphere. Stay tuned on Twitter and other social platforms for updates coming as early as next week!

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