Alex Marrero’s Miami Small Business Showcase

Alex Marrero’s Miami Small Business Showcase

Alex Marrero Miami business

Alex Marrero Miami

Feb. 17, 2021 /PRSearchEnginge/ — Alex Marrero loves Miami’s small businesses!  In an all-new blog series, he’s highlighting the restaurants, shops and attractions that give the Magic City it’s Sunshine.

In his Miami Small Business Showcase, Alex Marrero is showing his appreciation for the area’s flavors and sights.  More than just a tour guide for visitors, Marrero’s blog series will have a little bit for everyone to check out — tourists and locals included!

A Miamian through and through, Alex Marrero is proud of his Magic City roots.  Now a Startup Strategist and Small Business Consultant, he has launched several businesses of his own in the area.  With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic still impacting the travel and tourism industry, Marrero has expressed that he believes it’s important to highlight Miami’s small businesses.  Working as a resource for visitors, locals and small businesses alike, the Alex Marrero Miami Small Business Showcase will highlight something that interests just about everyone!

In his first blog post of the Showcase series, Alex Marrero highlighted Buy Miami.  This special offer-driven program gives local businesses incentive to join the official Miami website’s business directory.  Marrero looks forward to sharing more tips, tricks and crucial info to the small business community of the city he lives, learns and launches his startups in.

About Alex Marrero

Alex Marrero is a Miami-based entrepreneur and real estate investor.  Over the years, he has launched numerous startups and managed small businesses of his own.  Now, as a Startup Strategist and Small Business Consultant, Marrero offers his clients crucial guidance on their approach to Business Development.