Sam Miri to Continue Executive Leadership Series in 2023
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Sam Miri to Continue Executive Leadership Series in 2023

Sam Miri Executive

Sam Miri

This post was most recently updated May 10, 2023

MOUNTAIN VIEW, January 9, 2023 /PRSearchEngine/ — Seasoned executive leader, Sam Miri is back to relaunch and revitalize his Executive Leadership blog series.  A continuation of his previous 2022 series on trends in leadership, Miri will provide readers of his blog with critical insight on how they can improve their approach to leadership.  In the periodical, he will share current information regarding upcoming forums, conferences, programs and educational opportunities relevant to strengthening command within professional roles.

Last year in 2022, Sam Miri featured and reflected on executive leadership trends that he found particularly effective and useful.  In 2023, Miri will return to relaunch the blog series, but with a focus shift.  This time, Miri will not only focus on teaching trends, but he will also provide readers of his blog with valuable information about programs that they can participate in.  The seasoned executive leader has benefited, firsthand, from the enriching experiences of conferences and intensive educational courses.  He is excited to be able to share these opportunities with the readers of his blog, which include aspiring leaders and executives who thrive in industries and fields headquartered around the world.

About Sam Miri

Sam Miri SVP Omnichannel Strategy

Sam Miri is the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Omnichannel Strategy at Bally’s Interactive.  Seasoned in sales and marketing, Miri is well-equipped for this position.  He previously represented Bally’s Interactive as Vice President of Gamification & Sensor Technology.  He has previously maintained leadership positions at Xicato Inc. and NextInput Inc., among other techn-centric businesses.  Miri is an expert in all aspects of product development, from strategizing to marketing.  He maintains additional expertise in Computer Engineering.