Freelance Music Artist Peter Abbonizio Presents Music Education Series

Freelance Music Artist Peter Abbonizio Presents Music Education Series

Peter Abbonizio Music Education Blog

Peter Abbonizio


NEW YORK, NY, September 20, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Freelance Musician and Digital Music Professional Peter Abbonizio has recently debuted his new blog series on music education and consulting on

Inspired at an early age to take on a career in the music industry, Peter Abbonizio wants to give back by providing aspiring artists, young or old, the knowledge they need to get started with their own musical passion projects. Whether that may be picking up a new instrument or jumping into the world of digital music and navigating music streaming platforms like Amazon and Apple Music, Peter has it covered in his blog. Stay tuned each week for new articles offering the latest tips, tricks, and trends for becoming successful in the music industry or continuing to grow your career and reach to more wide spread audiences.

About Peter AbbonizioPeter Abbonizio

Finding his first love for music through the original 1954 production of the musical, Peter Pan, Abbonizio has never looked back. He has turned his passion into a life-long career exploring different avenues of music including instrumental music and digital music. Currently Abbonizio stands as a Freelance Music Artist and Music Instructor based in the New York area. Connect with Peter through his blog or social media to stay up to date with his latest projects.