Edward Tomasso to Host Blog Series on Travel and Photography

Edward Tomasso to Host Blog Series on Travel and Photography

Edward Tomasso Travel Tips

Edward Tomasso


MILAN, ITALY, November 8, 2019 – Adventure photographer and travel enthusiast, Edward Tomasso is publishing a blog series that will provide travel tips and cover his favorite photography tricks.  He will also provide his blog readers with travel itineraries highlighting scenic locations from a photographer’s point of view. 

On a weekly basis, Tomasso will share his secrets to discovering exciting locations in foreign countries.  Drawing on his experiences as a tourist turned local in Milan, Italy, the world traveler will highlight scenic areas found off the beaten path.  Tomasso hopes to encourage tourists to seek out unique travel experiences that can’t be found in the most popular travel guide books. Based on his own tourism adventures, the world traveler will discuss highlights of local culture, cuisine and activities only experienced in the Italian Republic and its islands.

As a freelance photographer, Edward Tomasso’s work is largely inspired by his travel experiences.  In addition to his travel blog posts, Tomasso will also provide his readers with photography tips and tricks from a traveler’s perspective.  Infused with a sense of adventure, the photography blog posts will recommend the best gear, editing software and techniques for travel photographers at all ability levels.

So far, Edward Tomasso’s blog has covered an introduction on How to Be an Adventure Photographer, The Most Scenic Beaches in Italy, culture and cuisine in Cilento, Campania and a comparison of the Canon G7X II and III.  Tomasso aims to provide his readers with a healthy balance of travel and photography advice, all while drawing on his personal tourism adventures.

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