DMRC launches video series, ‘The Pilgrim and The Nun’

DMRC launches video series, ‘The Pilgrim and The Nun’

DMRC The Pilgrim and The Nun

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center

January 5, 2021 — Diamond Mountain Retreat Center announce the launch of an all-new video series called ‘The Pilgrim and The Nun.’ Hosted by DMRC teachers, Sunam and Hanlie, the five part series discusses everything from a modern conversation on life’s spiritual journeys to the weight of smartphones in our daily lives.

In Diamond Mountain’s ‘The Pilgrim and The Nun’ video series, Sunam (the nun) and Hanlie (the pilgrim) offer up holistic and mindful perspectives.  The series features five riveting installments, including:

  • Warriors Never Give Up (get up and fight!)
  • Practicing to be Cool (the six perfections)
  • Smartphone (good or bad?)
  • How to Be Cool
  • A Modern Conversation About Life’s Spiritual Journeys

The Pilgrim and Nun pair explain in their series that life can be complex and complicated.  Through their video entries, these DMRC veterans hope to offer clarity to their audience on everything from how to be mindful, calm, and collected to whether or not smartphones offer positive potential in daily life.  Visit the official Diamond Mountain Retreat Center YouTube channel to watch the full playlist and stay tuned for more lessons from ‘The Pilgrim and The Nun’ in 2021.