Bridget Ross to Host Blog Series on Upcoming Women’s Leadership Conferences

Bridget Ross to Host Blog Series on Upcoming Women’s Leadership Conferences

Bridget Ross Womens Leadership Blog Series

Bridget Ross

Aug 8, 2019 – Business leader, Bridget Ross is excited to announce that she will be publishing a blog series highlighting upcoming Women’s Leadership conferences.

In her blog series, Bridget Ross will highlight the key themes and program elements of each event. She will also delve into what she believes women leaders (as well as women aspiring to become leaders in their respective industries) will be able to take away from each conference.

Ross will use her blog series as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on conferences which she believes can make constructive differences in an individual’s career.  In her own experience as a member of C200, an Executive Women’s Leadership Organization, she has gained incredible value in hearing the perspectives of women leaders in industries outside of her own. 

By highlighting conferences that encourage women to share their experiences in their careers, Ross hopes to inspire other professionals to engage in the unique learning opportunities that conferences offer.

Featured women’s leadership conferences will include:

On her website, Bridget Ross discusses the positive impact of women’s leadership in the corporate sphere.  In her view, conferences are more than just networking opportunities.  By attending women’s leadership conferences, professionals striving for excellence are able to embrace new strategies and develop their approaches both in and out of the office.

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