Robert Kurzban launches web app for nonprofits, Optimal Auctions

Robert Kurzban launches web app for nonprofits, Optimal Auctions

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Optimal Auctions

JUN 10, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Joined by four expert economists, social scientist and published researcher, Robert Kurzban announces the launch of an auction software web app for nonprofits.  The auctioning software solution is now live and available for nonprofit organizations to use in-browser.

Optimal Auctions is an auction technology platform that aims to maximize revenue earned from auctions hosted for nonprofit fundraising.  The unique auction solutions are developed directly from research conducted by expert economists and researchers, like Robert Kurzban and 2002 Economics Nobel Prize winner, Vernon Smith.

Relying on the latest scientific observations, Optimal Auctions is committed to ensuring that nonprofits have a better chance at securing much-needed funding to keep projects running.  Founder Robert Kurzban explains that laboratory research has even proven that focusing on auction rules and strategizing can increase raised funds by as much as a factor of three!

Learn more about how Optimal Auctions brings together auction technology and revenue maximization thanks to research-backed strategies and solutions developed by the team.