Month: December 2020

John Bagosy suggests nonprofits to support this holiday

John Bagosy December 17, 2020 — ‘tis the season of spreading joy, positivity — and gifts! All throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit organizations and charities have struggled to stay afloat. This holiday season, vocal supporter of cancer awareness and research charities, John Bagosy, encourages the public to consider donating directly to a nonprofit organization […]

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John Seckel’s Exclusive Marketing Agency is Revolutionizing the Industry

John Seckel SAN DIEGO, CA, December 10, 2020 — Serial entrepreneur and marketing maverick, John Seckel, is gaining traction in the marketing industry.  His digital marketing outfit, Exclusive Marketing Agency, is shaking up the field by revolutionizing how ventures approach  Exclusive Marketing Agency has long favored tactics that differ from the norm.  Founded out […]

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